Charter Motivation

The computing industry is witnessing an increasingly rapid growth in volumes of data, of all kinds. This is being driven by increasing digitization, social computing, and mobility. Additionally, the availability of on-demand cloud-based computing power has democratized access to large scale computing. Lastly, new computing paradigms such as MapReduce and large-scale distributed data processing tools have renewed interest in data architecture. As a consequence, there is a resurgence of interest in all areas of data and text analysis, as well as information retrieval, both in the consumer world as well as enterprise applications. The ‘field’ of Predictive Analytics, as a catch-all for data analytics, sense and respond, as well as all forms of advanced business intelligence, is receiving considerable interest in the industry, within enterprises, consumer applications, as well as the start-up world. Separately, even as web-based search technology has permeated and revolutionized information retrieval, there is now a resurgence of interest in Enterprise Search, where the emphasis is on searching and relating unstructured as well as structured data. Both these subject areas cut across diverse tracts of traditional research areas. Statistics, data mining, text mining, natural language processing, and even computer vision, all contribute to Search and Analytics. Another way of looking at this is that all of these have historically been part of or used by the artificial intelligence community. Search and Analytics is the area where these AI techniques are now being used, in an interdisciplinary manner. Finally, analytics is also being widely seen as a promising new focus area of the Indian software industry. Last but not least, we expect a special emphasis on search and related text and voice processing technology for Indian languages.

Thus, there appears to be enough reason to bring together researchers across disciplines, which is the purpose of the proposed SIG on Search and Analytics. It is expected that the IKDD will also interact with related professional groups elsewhere, such as SIGKDD and SIGIR of ACM, as well as the AAAI.

Objectives and Proposed Activities

The basic goal of IKDD is to bring together researchers, students and industry professionals interested in theory and applications of Structured and Unstructured Data Mining, Search and Analytics. In the process we hope to improve the quality and quantity of this capability within India by organizing seminars, conferences, workshops, lecture series in areas related to search and analytics so the professionals, students, teachers, and researchers can benefit.

The main activity of the IKDD in the near future will be to conduct an annual research conference in Search and Analytics, which could be called the India Conference on Search and Analytics (ICSA). The ICSA conference will have an international program committee including excellent researchers from around the world. IKDD shall work with ACM to ensure co-sponsorship and publication of the proceedings of ICSA in the ACM digital library.