Since 2015, ACM SIGKDD India Chapter (IKDD) has been organizing the “Data Science in India” event collocated with KDD conference to showcase the growth and achievements of the Data Science community in India. Over these years we have been able to bring to this forum several renowned researchers and practitioners from academia and industry. Continuing the journey, this year we have put together a diverse and engaging program in a virtual format.

Program Highlights

An Overview of Leading AI/ML/DS centers in India

Chairs: Shourya Roy (Flipkart) and Mitesh Khapra (IIT Madras)

10:15AM - 11:15AM (IST)

This session will provide introductory overviews to a few large interdisciplinary AI centers that have come up in the top academic institutes in India in the recent years from respective leaders.

Robert Bosch Centre for Data Science and AI (RBCDSAI) by
Balaraman Ravindran

IIT Madras

School of Artificial Intelligence (ScAI) by

IIT Delhi

Center for Machine Intelligence and Data Science (C-MInDS) by
Sunita Sarawagi

IIT Bombay

Centre of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence (CAI) by
Sudeshna Sarkar

IIT Kharagpur

Machine Intelligence and Robotics Center (MINRO) by
Milind Gandhe

IIIT Bangalore

Kohli Center on Intelligent Systems (KCIS) by
K. Madhava Krishna

IIIT Hyderabad

A Kaleidoscope of Sample Papers from India in Top Data Science Conferences

Chair: Indrajit Bhattacharya (TCS Research)

08:45AM - 9:15AM (IST)

This segment will feature a video kaleidoscope of a representative sample of relevant research papers from Indian institutions which appeared in recent editions of CORE A* Data Science conferences. The session will have papers presented at ECCV’20, NeurIPS’20, AAMAS’21, AAAI’21, ACL’21, SIGIR’21 and ICML’21.

ACL 2021

Explanations for CommonSenseQA: New Dataset and Models

Shourya Aggarwal (IIT Delhi), Divyanshu Mandowara (IIT Delhi), Vishwajeet Agrawal, Dinesh Khandelwal (IBM Research India), Parag Singla (IIT Delhi) and Dinesh Garg (IBM Research India)

ACL 2021

Exploiting Language Relatedness for Low Web-Resource Language Model Adaptation: An Indic Languages Study

Yash Khemchandani (IIT Bombay), Sarvesh Mehtani (IIT Bombay), Vaidehi Patil (IIT Bombay), Abhijeet Awasthi (IIT Bombay), Partha Talukdar (Google Research India) and Sunita Sarawagi (IIT Bombay)

NeurIPS 2020

Calibrating CNNs for Lifelong Learning

Pravendra Singh (IIT Kanpur), Vinay Verma (Duke U.), Pratik Mazumder (IIT Kanpur), Lawrence Carin (Duke U.), Piyush Rai (IIT Kanpur)

NeurIPS 2020

Least Squares Regression with Markovian Data: Fundamental Limits and Algorithms

G. Bresler (MIT), P. Jain (Microsoft Research India), D. Nagaraj (MIT), P. Netrapalli (Microsoft Research India) and X. Wu (Stanford)

AAMAS 2021

Sample Efficient Ensemble Reinforcement Learning

Saphal, R. (IIT Madras), Ravindran, B. (IIT Madras), Mudigere, D. (Facebook), Avancha, S. (Intel India), and Kaul, B. (Intel India)

AAAI 2021

More the Merrier: Towards Multi-Emotion and Intensity Controllable Response Generation

Mauajama Firdaus, Asif Ekbal and Pushpak Bhattacharyya (IIT Patna)

SIGIR 2021

Select, Substitute, Search: A New Benchmark for Knowledge-Augmented Visual Question Answering

Aman Jain (IIT Bombay), Mayank Kothyari (IIT Bombay), Vishwajeet Kumar (IBM Research India), Preethi Jyothi (IIT Bombay), Ganesh Ramakrishnan (IIT Bombay), Soumen Chakrabarti (IIT Bombay)

ICML 2021

Adversarial Dueling Bandits

Aadirupa Saha (Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore), Tomer Koren (Tel Aviv University and Google), Yishay Mansour (Google and Tel Aviv University)

ICML 2021

On Characterizing GAN Convergence Through Proximal Duality Gap

Sahil Sidheekh, Aroof Aimen, Narayanan Chatapuram Krishnan (Indian Institute of Techology, Ropar)

ECCV 2020

Table Structure Recognition using Top-Down and Bottom-Up Cues

Sachin Raja, Ajoy Mondal and C. V. Jawahar (IIIT Hyderabad)

Reflections on Data science in India

Chairs: Srujana Merugu (Independent) and Anirban Dasgupta (IIT Gandhinagar)

09:15AM - 10:15AM (IST)

This session will feature a conversation between a diverse mix of experts on the evolution and role of data science in the Indian context.

P. Anandan
AI Matters
Raghu Ramakrishnan
Aaditeshwar Seth
IIT Delhi

Career Panels and Networking Sessions

Chairs: Lavanya Tekumalla (AiFonic Labs) and Debdoot Mukherjee (ShareChat)

This Q&A panel has been put together to help data scientists learn from eminent leaders about opportunities in industry research labs and startups.

Career Panel: Opportunities in Industry

11:30AM - 12:15PM (IST)
Tanuja Ganu
Microsoft Research India
Partha Talukdar
Google Research and IISc Bangalore
Lipika Dey
Tata Consultancy Services

Career Panel: Opportunities in Startups

11:30AM - 12:15PM (IST)
Vijay Gabale
Zainul Charbiwala
Tricog Health
Goda Ramkumar
Kuldeep Yadav
Aspiring Minds

Networking Sessions

Organizers: Lavanya Tekumalla (AiFonic Labs), Ameena Khaleel (Google Research), Raj Sharma (Goldman Sachs), Mitesh Khapra (IIT Madras) and Srujana Merugu (Independent)

12:15PM - 01:00PM (IST)

An opportunity for researchers with similar interests to connect with each other in virtual breakout rooms and discuss mutual interests.

Topic/Group Distinguished Guest Session Chair Session Host
Database/Systems Maya Ramanath
(IIT Delhi)
Goutham Tholpadi
Vishal Agarwal
(Microsoft Research)
Facct ML/Responsible AI Sameep Mehta
(IBM Research)
Uma Sawant
Sharut Gupta
(Google Research, IIT Delhi)
ML Theory Prateek Jain
(Google Research)
Vatsalya Chaubey
Multi-modal AI Vikas Raykar
Somya Gupta
(Microsoft Research)
Natural Language Processing (1) Anoop Kunchukuttan
Sharmishta Jat
Ananya Sai
(Google Research, IITM)
Natural Language Processing (2) Monojit Choudhury
(Microsoft Research)
Dinesh Raghu
(IBM Research)
Simran Kanuja
(Google Research)
India-specific ML Challenges (1) Manish Gupta
(Google Research)
Vineet Chaoji
(Wadhwani AI, U Mass Amherst)
India-specific ML Challenges (2) Shantanu Godbole
(IBM Research)
Shreya Khare
(IBM Research)
(Microsoft Research)




08:30 - 08:45

Welcome Address

08:45 - 09:15

A Kaleidoscope of Sample Papers from India in Top Data Science Conferences

09:15 - 10:15

Reflections on Data science in India

10:15 - 11:15

An Overview of Leading AI/ML/DS centers in India

11:15 - 11:30

Sponsors Session

11:30 - 12:15

Career Panels (2 Parallel Webinars)

12:15 - 01:00

Networking Sessions (8 Parallel Sessions)


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