August 15, 2019

Hi everybody!

We are happy to announce the start of a new blog that will feature Data Science activities in India. These can be accessed and subscribed to at

The objective of the blog is to provide a platform for all those working in the area of Data Science – as researchers, educators, practitioners and policy makers to share ideas, opinions and a Read more

August 19, 2019

This article is an overview of history and activities of ACM SIGKDD India Chapter, popularly known as IKDD. The north-star vision of IKDD has been to bring together researchers, faculty, students, government and industry professionals interested in theory and applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) generally and Machine Learning (ML) and Data Science (DS) specifically. Towards that, IKDD has been organizing two flagship events viz. (i) ACM India Joint International Conference on  Read more

November 26, 2019

Authored by Raghunathan Rengaswamy,  IIT Madras. Data Science, ML, AI are the flavors of the season all over the world and India is no exception.  Interest in these techniques is at a fever pitch; academicians and industrial practitioners alike are exploring the fundamental underpinnings and application potential of these techniques.  As a result, data science is being evaluated for implementation in all Read more

December 17, 2018

The success of Deep Learning poses a fundamental question on when and why one should use multi-layering. This important issue has profound practical implications and is an extremely active area of research. However, most of these investigations have been limited to Supervised Learning architectures, such as CNNs. In this post we draw attention to unsupervised Learning architectures, more specifically DBMs, which require a very different approach from Supervised Read more

“It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.”- Albert Einstein. It is a privilege to get this platform to share my experiences as a young researcher in India. The experience of a data science researcher in India has its own nuances and flavours. This blog post is not a do’s and don’ts list for pursuing data science or AI research in India, I don’t believe such a characterisation exists, but this is merely my perspective acquired during my time as a Ph.D student. Read more