Papers from India in CORE A* Data Science Venues

(Since August 2020)
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  1. "Deep Indexed Active Learning for Matching Heterogeneous Entity Representations.", Arjit Jain (IIT Bombay), Sunita Sarawagi (IIT Bombay), and Prithviraj Sen (IBM Research, Almaden), VLDB 2022
  2. "Differentially Private Link Prediction with Protected Connections", Abir De (IIT Bombay) and Soumen Chakrabarti (IIT Bombay), AAAI 2021
  3. "DSLR : Dynamic to Static LiDAR Scan Reconstruction Using Adversarially Trained Autoencoder", P. Kumar(IISc), S. Sahoo(IISc), V. Shah(IISc), V. Kondameedi(IISc), A. Jain(IISc), A. Verma(IISc), C. Bhattacharyya(IISc), and V. Vinay(AMIDC, CMI), AAAI 2021
  4. "Estimation of Spectral Risk Measures", Ajay Kumar Pandey (IIT Madras), Prashanth L. A. (IIT Madras), and Sanjay P. Bhat (TCS Research), AAAI 2021
  5. "Few-shot Lifelong Learning", Pratik Mazumder (IIT Kanpur), Pravendra Singh (Independent), and Piyush Rai (IIT Kanpur), AAAI 2021
  6. "Generalized Adversarially Learned Inference", Yatin Dandi (IIT Kanpur), Homanga Bharadhwaj (U. Toronto), Abhishek Kumar (Google Brain), and Piyush Rai (IIT Kanpur), AAAI 2021
  7. "GLISTER: Generalization based Data Subset Selection for Efficient and Robust Learning", KrishnaTeja Killamsetty (UT Dallas), Durga Sivasubramanian (IIT Bombay), Ganesh Ramakrishnan (IIT Bombay), and Rishabh K. Iyer (UT Dallas), AAAI 2021
  8. "More the Merrier: Towards Multi-Emotion and Intensity Controllable Response Generation", Mauajama Firdaus (IIT Patna), Asif Ekbal (IIT Patna) and Pushpak Bhattacharyya (IIT Patna), AAAI 2021
  9. "Relational Boosted Bandits.", Kakadiya, A. (IIT Madras), Natarajan, S. (UT Dallas), and Ravindran, B. (IIT Madras), AAAI 2021
  10. "The heads hypothesis: A unifying statistical approach towards understanding multi-headed attention in BERT.", Madhura Pande (IIT Madras), Aakriti Budhraja (IIT Madras), Preksha Nema (IIT Madras), Pratyush Kumar (IIT Madras), and Mitesh M. Khapra (IIT Madras), AAAI 2021
  11. "Reinforcement Learning for Unified Allocation and Patrolling in Signaling Games with Uncertainty.", Venugopal, A. (IIT Madras), Bondi, E. (Harvard University), Kamarthi, H. (Georgia Tech.), Dholakia, K. (IIT Madras), Ravindran, B. (IIT Madras), and Tambe, M. (Harvard University), AAMAS 2021
  12. "Sample Efficient Ensemble Reinforcement Learning.", Saphal, R. (IIT Madras), Ravindran, B. (IIT Madras), Mudigere, D. (Facebook), Avancha, S. (Intel India), and Kaul, B. (Intel India), AAMAS 2021
  13. "Sequential Ski Rental Problem", Anant Shah (IIT Madras) and Arun Rajkumar (IIT Madras), AAMAS 2021
  14. "Explanations for CommonSenseQA: New Dataset and Models", Shourya Aggarwal (IIT Delhi), Divyanshu Mandowara (IIT Delhi), Vishwajeet Agrawal (IIT Delhi), Dinesh Khandelwal (IBM Research AI, India), Parag Singla (IIT Delhi) and Dinesh Garg (IBM Research AI, India), ACL 2021
  15. "Exploiting Language Relatedness for Low Web-Resource Language Model Adaptation: An Indic Languages Study", Yash Khemchandani (IIT Bombay), Sarvesh Mehtani (IIT Bombay), Vaidehi Patil (IIT Bombay), Abhijeet Awasthi (IIT Bombay), Partha Talukdar (Google Research India) and Sunita Sarawagi (IIT Bombay), ACL 2021
  16. "Question Answering over Temporal Knowledge Graphs", Apoorv Saxena (IISc), Soumen Chakrabarti (IIT Bombay) and Partha Talukdar (Google Research India), ACL 2021
  17. "Constraint based Knowledge Base Distillation in End-to-End Task Oriented Dialogs.", Dinesh Raghu (IIT Delhi), Atishya Jain (IIT Delhi), Mausam (IIT Delhi), and Sachindra Joshi (IBM Research India), ACL (Findings) 2021
  18. "FrameNet-Assisted Noun Compound Interpretation", Girishkumar Ponkiya (IIT Bombay), Diptesh Kanojia (Univerity of Surrey), Pushpak Bhattacharyya (IIT Bombay) and Girish Palshikar (TCS Research India), ACL (Findings) 2021
  19. "MergeDistill: Merging Language Models using Pre-trained Distillation", Simran Khanuja (Google Research India), Melvin Johnson (Google Research USA) and Partha Talukdar (Google Research India), ACL (Findings) 2021
  20. "OKGIT: Open Knowledge Graph Link Prediction with Implicit Types", Chandrahas (IISc) and Partha Talukdar (IISc), ACL (Findings) 2021
  21. "Reordering Examples Helps during Priming-based Few-shot Learning", Sawan Kumar (IISc) and Partha Talukdar (IISc), ACL (Findings) 2021
  22. "Efficient Feature Transformations for Discriminative and Generative Continual Learning", Vinay Verma (Duke U.), Kevin Liang (Duke U. and Facebook AI), Nikhil Mehta (Duke U.), Lawrence Carin (Duke U.), and Piyush Rai (IIT Kanpur), CVPR 2021
  23. "Generalization on Unseen Domains via Inference-time Label-Preserving Target Projections", Prashant Pandey (IIT Delhi), Mrigank Raman (IIT Delhi), Sumanth Varambally (IIT Delhi), and Prathosh A. P. (IIT Delhi), CVPR 2021
  24. "Rectification-based Knowledge Retention for Continual Learning", Pravendra Singh (Independent), Pratik Mazumder (IIT Kanpur), Vinay Namboodiri (University of Bath, UK), and Piyush Rai (IIT Kanpur), CVPR 2021
  25. "Neural Learning of One-of-Many Solutions for Combinatorial Problems in Structured Output Spaces.", Yatin Nandwani (IIT Delhi), Deepanshu Jindal (IIT Delhi), Mausam (IIT Delhi) and Parag Singla (IIT Delhi), ICLR 2021
  26. "No Cost Likelihood Manipulation at Test Time for Making Better Mistakes in Deep Networks", Shyamgopal Karthik (IIIT Hyderabad), Ameya Prabhu (University of Oxford), Puneet K. Dokania (University of Oxford & Five AI Limited), and Vineet Gandhi (IIIT Hyderabad), ICLR 2021
  27. "Adversarial Dueling Bandits", Aadirupa Saha (Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore), Tomer Koren (Tel Aviv University and Google), and Yishay Mansour (Google and Tel Aviv University), ICML 2021
  28. "Bayesian Structural Adaptation for Continual Learning", Abhishek Kumar (IIT Kanpur), Sunabha Chatterjee (IIT Kanpur), and Piyush Rai (IIT Kanpur), ICML 2021
  29. "Confidence-Budget Matching for Sequential Budgeted Learning", Yonathan Efroni (Technion), Nadav Merlis (Technion), Aadirupa Saha (IISc), and Shie Mannor (Technion), ICML 2021
  30. "Domain Generalization using Causal Matching", Divyat Mahajan (Microsoft Research India), Shruti Tople (Microsoft Research UK), and Amit Sharma (Microsoft Research India), ICML 2021
  31. "Dueling Convex Optimization", Aadirupa Saha (IISc), Tomer Koren (Tel Aviv University and Google), and Yishay Mansour (Google and Tel Aviv University), ICML 2021
  32. "Finding k in Latent k- polytope", Chiranjib Bhattacharyya (Indian Institute of Science), Ravindran Kannan (Microsoft Research India), and Amit Kumar (IIT Delhi), ICML 2021
  33. "Fixed-Parameter and Approximation Algorithms for PCA with Outliers", Yogesh Dahiya (The Institute of Mathematical Sciences (HBNI), Chennai, India), Fedor Fomin (University of Bergen), Kirill Simonov (University of Bergen), and Fahad Panolan (IIT Hyderabad), ICML 2021
  34. "Grad-Match: A Gradient Matching based Data Subset Selection for Efficient Learning", Krishnateja Killamsetty ( UT Dallas), Durga S (IIT Bombay), Baharan Mirzasoleiman (Stanford University), Ganesh Ramakrishnan (IIT Bombay), Abir De (IIT Bombay), and Rishabh Iyer (UT Dallas), ICML 2021
  35. "On Characterizing GAN Convergence Through Proximal Duality Gap", Sahil Sidheekh (IIT Ropar), Aroof Aimen (IIT Ropar), and Narayanan Chatapuram Krishnan (IIT Ropar), ICML 2021
  36. "On the Problem of Underranking in Group-Fair Ranking", Sruthi Gorantla (IISc), Amit Jayant Deshpande (Microsoft Research India), and Anand Louis (IISc), ICML 2021
  37. "Opening the Blackbox: Accelerating Neural Differential Equations by Regularizing Internal Solver Heuristics", Avik Pal (IIT Kanpur), Yingbo Ma (Julia Computing), Viral Shah (Julia Computing), and Christopher Rackauckas (MIT), ICML 2021
  38. "Optimal regret algorithm for Pseudo-1d Bandit Convex Optimizationrch), Prateek Jain (Google Research)", Aadirupa Saha (Microsoft Research, New York City), Nagarajan Natarajan (Microsoft Research, India), Praneeth Netrapalli (Microsoft Research, India), and Prateek Jain (Microsoft Research, India), ICML 2021
  39. "RRL: Resnet as representation for Reinforcement Learning", Rutav Shah (IIT Kharagpur) and Vikash Kumar (Univ. Of Washington), ICML 2021
  40. "SiameseXML: Siamese Networks meet Extreme Classifiers with 100M Labels", Kunal Dahiya (IIT Delhi), Ananye Agarwal (IIT Delhi), Deepak Saini (Microsoft Research India), Gururaj K (Microsoft), Jian Jiao (Microsoft), Amit Singh (Microsoft), Sumeet Agarwal (IIT Delhi), Purushottam Kar (IIT Kanpur), and Manik Varma (Microsoft Research India), ICML 2021
  41. "Training Data Subset Selection for Regression with Controlled Validation ErrorT Bombay)", Krishnateja Killamsetty (UT Dallas), Durga Sivasubramanian (IIT Bombay), Ganesh Ramakrishnan (IIT Bombay), and Rishabh Iyer (IIT Bombay), ICML 2021
  42. "Knowledge Consolidation based Class Incremental Online Learning with Limited Data", Mohammed Asad Karim (IIT Kanpur), Vinay Verma (Duke University), Pravendra Singh (IIT Roorkee), Vinay Namboodiri (IIT Kanpur), and Piyush Rai (IIT Kanpur), IJCAI 2021
  43. "TANGO: Commonsense Generalization in Predicting Tool Interactions for Mobile Manipulators.", Shreshth Tuli (IIT Delhi, Imperial College London), Rajas Bansal (IIT Delhi), Rohan Paul (IIT Delhi), and Mausam (IIT Delhi), IJCAI 2021
  44. "On Nonconvex Optimization for Machine Learning: Gradients, Stochasticity, and Saddle Points", C. Jin (UC Berkeley), P. Netrapalli (Microsoft Research India), R. Ge (Duke U.), S. M. Kakade (U. Washington) and M. I. Jordan (UC Berkeley), Journal of the ACM 2021
  45. "Active Assessment of Prediction Services as Accuracy Surface Over Attribute Combinations", Vihari Piratla (IIT Bombay), Soumen Chakrabarti (IIT Bombay), and Sunita Sarawagi (IIT Bombay), NeurIPS 2021
  46. "Training for the Future: A Simple Gradient Interpolation Loss to Generalize Along Time", Anshul Nasery (IIT Bombay), Soumyadeep Thakur (IIT Bombay), Vihari Piratla (IIT Bombay), Abir De (IIT Bombay), and Sunita Sarawagi (IIT Bombay), NeurIPS 2021
  47. "On The Structure of Parametric Tournaments with Application to Ranking from Pairwise Comparisons", Vishnu Veerathu (Cohesity Inc.), and Arun Rajkumar (IIT Madras), NeurIPS 2021
  48. "Optimal Best-Arm Identification Methods for Tail-Risk Measures", Shubhada Agrawal (TIFR, Mumbai), Wouter M. Koolen (CWI, Amsterdam), and Sandeep Juneja (TIFR, Mumbai), NeurIPS 2021
  49. "Select, Substitute, Search: A New Benchmark for Knowledge-Augmented Visual Question Answering.", Aman Jain (IIT Bombay), Mayank Kothyari (IIT Bombay), Vishwajeet Kumar (IBM Research India), Preethi Jyothi (IIT Bombay), Ganesh Ramakrishnan (IIT Bombay), and Soumen Chakrabarti (IIT Bombay), SIGIR 2021
  50. "Diversity driven Query Rewriting in Search Advertising", Akash Kumar Mohankumar (IIT Madras), Nikit Begwani (Microsoft India), and Amit K Singh (Microsoft India), SIGKDD 2021
  51. "Fast One-class Classification using Class Boundary-preserving Random Projections", Arindam Bhattacharya (IIT Delhi), Sumanth Varambally (IIT Delhi), Amitabha Bagchi (IIT Delhi), and Srikanta Bedathur (IIT Delhi), SIGKDD 2021
  52. "Generalized Zero-Shot Extreme Multi-label Learning", Nilesh Gupta (Microsoft Research India), Sakina Bohra (Microsoft), Yashoteja Prabhu (Microsoft Research), Saurabh Purohit (Microsoft Research), and Manik Varma (Microsoft Research), SIGKDD 2021
  53. "Micro-climate Prediction - Multi scale encoder-decoder based deep learning framework", Peeyush Kumar (Microsoft Research, Redmond), Ranveer Chandra (Microsoft Research, Redmond), Chetan Bansal (Microsoft Research, Redmond), Shivkumar Kalyanaraman (Microsoft, India), and Tanuja Ganu (Microsoft Research, India), SIGKDD 2021
  54. "Semi-Supervised Deep Learning for Multiplex Networks", Mitra, A. (IIT Guwahati), Vijayan, P. (McGill), Sanasam, R. (IIT Guwahati), Goswami, D. (IIT Guwahati), Parthasarathy, S. (Ohio State Univ.), and Ravindran, B. (IIT Madras), SIGKDD 2021
  55. "Would your tweet invoke hate on the fly? Forecasting hate intensity of reply threads on Twitter", Snehil Dahiya (IIIT Delhi), Shalini Sharma (IIIT Delhi), Dhruv Sahnan (IIIT Delhi), Vasu Goel (IIIT Delhi), Angshul Majumdar (IIIT Delhi), Victor Elvira (University of Edinburgh), Emilie Chouzenoux (CentraleSupélec and Université Paris-Est Marne la Vallée), Anil Bandhakavi (Logically), and Tanmoy Chakraborty (IIIT Delhi), SIGKDD 2021
  56. "Zero-shot Multi-lingual Interrogative Question Generation for "People Also Ask" at Bing", Rajarshee Mitra ( Microsoft, India), Rhea Jain (Microsoft, India), Aditya Srikanth Veerubhotla (Microsoft, India), and Manish Gupta (Microsoft, India), SIGKDD 2021
  57. "Missing Value Imputation on Multidimensional Time Series.", Parikshit Bansal (IIT Bombay), Prathamesh Deshpande (IIT Bombay) and Sunita Sarawagi (IIT Bombay), VLDB 2021
  58. "DECAF : Deep Extreme Classification with Label Features", Anshul Mittal (IIT Delhi), Kunal Dahiya (IIT Delhi), Sheshansh Agrawal (Microsoft Research, India), Deepak Saini (Microsoft Research, India), Sumeet Agarwal (IIT Delhi), Purushottam Kar (IIT Kanpur), and Manik Varma (Microsoft Research, India), WSDM 2021
  59. "Long Horizon Forecasting with Temporal Point Processes", Prathamesh Deshpande (IIT Bombay), Kamlesh Marathe (IIT Bombay), Abir De (IIT Bombay), and Sunita Sarawagi (IIT Bombay), WSDM 2021
  60. "ECLARE: Extreme Classification with Label Graph Correlations", Anshul Mittal (IIT Delhi), Noveen Sachdeva (UC San Diego), Sheshansh Agrawal (Microsoft Research, India), Sumeet Agarwal (IIT Delhi), Purushottam Kar (IIT Kanpur), and Manik Varma (Microsoft Research, India), WWW 2021
  61. "Joint Spatio-Textual Reasoning for Answering Tourism Questions.", Danish Contractor (IBM Research Ai, India), Shashank Goel, Mausam and Parag Singla (IIT Delhi), WWW 2021
  62. "Guided Weak Supervision for Action Recognition with Scarce Data to Assess Skills of Children with Autism", Prashant Pandey (IIT Delhi), Prathosh AP (IIT Delhi), Manu Kohli (IIT Delhi), and Josh Pritchard (Florida Institute of Technology), AAAI 2020
  63. "Recurrent Image Annotation With Explicit Inter-Label Dependencies", Ayushi Dutta (IIIT Hyderabad), Yashaswi Verma (IIT Jodhpur), and C.V. Jawahar (IIIT Hyderabad), ECCV 2020
  64. "Skin Segmentation from NIR Images using Unsupervised Domain Adaptation through Generative Latent Search,", Ayush Tyagi (IIT Delhi), Sameer Ambekar (IIT Delhi), Prashant Pandey (IIT Delhi) and Prathosh AP (IIT Delhi), ECCV 2020
  65. "Table Structure Recognition using Top-Down and Bottom-Up Cues", Sachin Raja (IIIT Hyderabad), Ajoy Mondal (IIIT Hyderabad) and C. V. Jawahar (IIIT Hyderabad), ECCV 2020
  66. "Calibrating CNNs for Lifelong Learning", Pravendra Singh (IIT Kanpur), Vinay Verma (Duke U.), Pratik Mazumder (IIT Kanpur), Lawrence Carin (Duke U.), and Piyush Rai (IIT Kanpur), NeurIPS 2020
  67. "Consistent Plug-in Classifiers for Complex Objectives and Constraints", Shiv Kumar Tavker (IIT Madras), Harish G. Ramaswamy (IIT Madras) and Harikrishna Narasimhan (Google Research), NeurIPS 2020
  68. "Follow the Perturbed Leader: Optimism and Fast Parallel Algorithms for Smooth Minimax Games", A. S. Suggala (CMU) and P. Netrapalli (Microsoft Research India), NeurIPS 2020
  69. "Least Squares Regression with Markovian Data: Fundamental Limits and Algorithms [*]", G. Bresler (MIT), P. Jain (Microsoft Research India), D. Nagaraj (MIT), P. Netrapalli (Microsoft Research India) and X. Wu (Stanford), NeurIPS 2020
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  73. "Robust Query Processing: Mission Possible", Jayant R. Haritsa (IISc), Proc. VLDB Endow. 2020
  74. "UNMASQUE: A Hidden SQL Query Extractor", Kapil Khurana (IISc) and Jayant R. Haritsa (IISc), Proc. VLDB Endow. 2020

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