Uplink Internship Program 2023

We are proud to have successfully graduated the 2023 batch of Uplink Interns. The batch was selected through a careful filtering process from many excellent applications. This year we received about 500 applications from more than 120 institutions across the country.

Faculty Mentors

Uplink Interns 2023

We received about 500 applications from more than 120 institutions across the country. After going through a rigorous selection process and 3-month internship execution, the following interns successfully completed the Uplink internship Program in 2023.

Intern Mentor Topic

Ritabrata Barat
(Jadavpur University)
Prof. Swaprava Nath
(IIT Bombay)
Artificially Intelligent EV charging
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Shubham Sharma
(Panjab University)
Prof. Sriparna Saha
(IIT Patna)
Investigations in Multimodal Summarization Systems

Raghav Vinayak Dadhich
(VIT, Vellore)
Prof. Harish Ramaswamy
(IIT Madras)
Feature learning in U-nets for segmentation

Diya Malik
(Shiv Nadar University)
Prof. Divya Padmanabhan
(IIT Goa)
Data-driven Robust Optimization

Atri Guha
(IIT Patna)
Prof. Prathosh A P
Few-shot, resource-constrained deep generative modeling

Ishaan Shrivastava
(IIT Jodhpur)
Prof. Shweta Jain
(IIT Ropar)
Design of fair federated AI models

Kavin R V
(IISER, Bhopal)
Prof. Maunendra Desarkar
(IIT Hyderabad)
Efficient context representation for dialog systems

Proma Mondal
(Jadavpur University)
Prof. Animesh Mukherjee
(IIT Kharagpur)
Algorithmic fairness

Timeline for Uplink 2023

The time for all deadlines is 23:59 IST.

Feb 10, 2023 Applications open
Mar 10, 2023 Applications closed
Apr 5-15, 2023 Candidates notified
Apr 15, 2023 Selected interns announced on Uplink webpage
May 1, 2023 Internship starts
Jun 15, 2023 Midterm feedback
Jul 31, 2023 Internship ends
September 2, 2023 Final presentations

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