Accepted Papers CODS 2017

Oral Papers

  1. Monidipa Das and Soumya Ghosh. Spatio-temporal Autocorrelation Analysis for Regional Land-cover Change Detection from Remote Sensing Data
  2. Prakhar Ojha and Partha Talukdar. KGEval: Estimating Accuracy of Automatically Constructed Knowledge Graphs
  3. Vanika Singhal and Angshul Majumdar. Noisy Deep Dictionary Learning
  4. Deepali Joshi, Nikhil Supekar, Rashi Chauhan and Dr. Manasi Patwardhan. Modeling and detecting change in user behavior through his social media posting using cluster analysis
  5. Protim Bhattacharjee, Shisagnee Banerjee, Manoj Gulati, Shobha Sundar Ram and Angshul Majumdar. Supervised Analysis Dictionary Learning: Application in Consumer Electronics Appliance Classification
  6. Deshana Desai, Harsh Nisar and Rishabh Bhardwaj. Role of Temporal Diversity in Inferring Social Ties Based on Spatio-Temporal Data


  1. Moumita Sinha, Harsh Jhamtani, Sanket Mehta and Balaji Vasan Srinivasan. Modelling End of Online Session from Streaming Data
  2. Durga Prasad Muni, Suman Roy, Yeung Tack Yan John John Lew Chiang, Antonie Jean-Marie Viallet and Navin Budhiraja. Recommending resolutions of ITIL services tickets using Deep Neural Network
  3. Amod Aggarwal, Dhaval Patel and Markand Oza. On Discovery of permanent land cover changes using time series segmentation approach
  4. Nanda Dulal Jana, Jaya Sil and Swagatam Das. Protein Structure Optimization in 3D AB off-lattice model using Biogeography Based Optimization with Chaotic Mutation
  5. Arpit Merchant and Navjyoti Singh. Hybrid Trust-Aware Model for Personalized Top-N Recommendation
  6. V Tejaswi, P V Bindu and P Santhi Thilagam. Target Specific Influence Maximization: An Approach To Maximize Adoption In Labeled Social Networks
  7. Ishan Sahu and Debapriyo Majumdar. Detecting Factual and Non-Factual Content in News Articles
  8. Akshit Trehan, Sumit Khurana and Amitabha Bagchi. A user activity-based measurement study characterizing and classifying Stack Exchange communities across multiple domains
  9. Rama Syamala Sreepada and Bidyut Kr. Patra. Multi-criteria Recommendations through Preference Learning
  10. Shreshtha Mundra, Manjira Sinha, Sandya Mannarswamy, Anirban Sen and Shourya Roy. Embedding Learning of Figurative Phrases for Emotion Classification in Micro-Blog Texts